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Close Combat Guide for Dads
How is the book progressing? Any upcoming events? Plans? Dreams?

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Story suggestions for the site or the book.

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Meet and Greet - handshakes only
Introduce yourself and the kids, favorite beer? favorite team? favorite actress?

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Experiencing Fatherhood with a Daughter
All things that have to do with Fathers and daugthers

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Oh crap she's pregnant!
Any and all tips and discussions PRE-birth!

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Where is my cigar? You want me to do what?
Infants and babies - Nightly feedings - when am I able to get 'some' again?

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The early years - did she just take a step?
Everything Toddler and Pre-School related - wooohooo NO MORE DIAPERS!

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School years - First through 6th
Dang - my baby is a first grader! everything related to elementary etc...

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School years - Middle + High School
"Dude, this is my daughter - you touch you die" or the best ways to scare boyfriends!

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My daughter - a real WOMAN - aaarrrggghhh
Paying for college? Trouble letting go? Stuck with paying for a wedding?

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Anything else
All the other fun stuff

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Around the watercooler - generaly off topic stuff
Anything of interest - News, sports, cheerleaders, movies, music

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Fathers with boys
Okay guys, you can chat about them here...

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Best jokes, funny video clips, etc.

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Meet and Greet - handshakes only

July 3, 2008-6:02 am

by poser, the

July 3, 2008 - 7:19 pm



Close Combat Guide for Dads

February 28, 2008-7:10 am


July 23, 2008 - 7:18 pm

by Pete


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