I started this site because as a happily married father of three little girls ages 2, 8 and 18 years I have encountered plenty of “What the frak?” moments that has on many occasion left me scratching my head about what to do next. Not to mention sometimes having to temporarily move my bed to the living room couch.

We all love our wives and adore our daughters and most of us would give their left nut to make sure they are happy.

Yet every so often we wonder what planet either of them are from.

Remember changing your daughter’s first poopy diaper?

After you finally got the guts to do it, your wife starts crawling all over you yelling, “Front to Back! You idiot!!!”

What the frak?

EXACTLY – my point!

Nobody ever told us about that. They just assumed we knew. And THAT my friend was just the beginning.

Forget about little boys, you might as well adopt a cat for how easy they are to deal with. Put em naked in a sandbox, give them some toys and voila, you don’t even need to worry about changing diapers….

So being the guy that I am, I looked for a Chiltons manual on how to raise little girls. More over I was looking for little bits and pieces of advice on how to deal with them and the wife all at the same time, now that it had just dawned on me that I had just entered the ESTROGEN ZONE.

I looked everywhere, online and offline but guess what I found? Lot’s of harlequin romance and Paris Hilton videos. Oh, Oprah has tons of advice too but you better be the type that loves pastels and flower arrangements or you just ain’t gonna get it, got it?

So I had the idea of creating a guide for guys like myself. One hundred percent Oprah and Kleenex free!

Written FOR guys BY guys. Men who have mastered keeping their manhood in a house full of estrogen, which by all accounts should be considered a Zen art form!

For example, reading the crap that’s out there now, would tell you that if you’re watching Bambi with your little girl and wife, you should feel free to cry during the moment Bambi’s mom bites the bullet, because it’s a bonding moment with the girls.

Wanna know the truth?

Bambi’s mom probably made for some mighty fine steak! (Has deer season hit yet?)

So how do you handle that delicate situation? Cause coming flat out and saying that Bambi is good eating will get you another day on the couch.

This is where we need YOUR stories and advice on how to raise and survive little girls in a house full of girls.

We are looking more for Chuck Norris/Jack Bauer stuff then Oprah and Dr. Phil.

So grab a beer, light a cigar and start typing…

(or record it on mp3, sends us a video or whatever! we’ll publish it here and then later on in book form).


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