Welcome to the Close Combat Guide for Dads!

In this blog we will address the joy that raising a daughter will bring without you having to return you “MAN” card.

“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.”

This ancient Greek writer scribed this famous quote 2500 years ago.
However, these days the quote could and should read…

“To a father growing old nothing is more confusing than a daughter.”

For the first time in history there will be a book written, not for women, not for mothers, or sisters or wives.

This book is for MEN!

The stories you will read are real, submitted by men who’ve survived a house of females and have many ways to show you how to avoid being neutered.

Do you have a story to share? We want anything you can remember which will assist new fathers regarding stories, tips and tricks on how to survive raising a little girl in an estrogen rich environment while leaving your manhood intact.

· Have you trained your little one to fetch beer?
· Figured out how to watch porn in a houseful of women without being caught?
· Broken a finger trying to braid hair?
· Have you figured out how to get pink and purple nail polish off your fingers and out of your mustache?

If you’ve done things you are not necessarily proud of but are funny as hell…and you couldn’t really tell anyone before, now is your chance!

And unlike your wife letting all her friends know about your speed trials in the bedroom, we do guarantee your anonymity!

Your real life stories will give new or soon to be freaked out father’s strong advice from fella’s that have been there before.

With your help we can all avoid the comments you read below.

Jim from California writes:
“I had no idea that opening the front door while holding a shotgun to greet my little girl’s first new boyfriend would cause such a problem in my life at home.”

Bob from Hawaii writes:
“Me, my wife and daughters all believe in doing things together as a family ….but PMS!!! Holy crap I had no idea!”

Millions of daddies to be are counting on everything you’ve learned from breathing lessons when your daughter’s first cell phone bill appears to learning how to spot and avoid a pack of she wolves ready to attack.

Don’t laugh; this book just might save a life.

So don’t wait get us your stories today.

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